RK Ltd.

“Philipopolis RK” Ltd

is among the leaders of the dairy industry in Bulgaria. It was founded in 1993 in the city of Plovdiv, where the main base is located. High quality dairy products with the brand name “Philipopolis” are produced in dairy plants – Plovdiv, Zheglartsi – Dobrich and others. These places are linked both to the ecological cleanliness of the pastures and the production of milk and to the rich traditions of Bulgaria in the field of dairy processing. The ambition of “Philipopolis RK Ltd” is to uphold the Bulgarian tradition in terms of the quality and taste of white brined cheese – an emblematic Bulgarian product. The company produces a type of hard cheese according to a specific sheep’s milk technology. These main productions determine the face of “Philipopolis” RK Ltd. PHILIPOLIS RK Ltd. is also successfully presenting new products of the type of solid and semi-solid cheeses.
Semi-firm Italian cheese – type CACIO RE – made of pure sheep’s milk; cheese type CINQUE COLLI, ER PRINCIPE, RIGANTINO – from cow’s milk and sheep’s milk; cheese type CINQUE TERRE, LA SOVRANA – pure cow’s milk. They are manufactured using original Italian technology from strictly controlled milk. Solid Italian cheese – type PECORINO ROMANO – is made of sheep’s milk and has a characteristic taste. Italian cheese – type CAGLIATA GRASSA – from pure cow milk with gentle consistency.
Since 1998 “Philippopolis RK” Ltd. is one of the first three companies in Bulgaria with a certificate from the European Commission – Brussels for sale of dairy products in the European Union. The dairy products of the company are well accepted in US, Israeli, Canadian, Australian and Arab countries. Philippopolis RK Ltd. provides its production through more than 200 raw milk points, equipped with specialized milk cooling tanks, modern equipment for determining the composition of milk and specialized dairy farms.
The united management of Philippopolis RK makes the company flexible and ready to respond adequately to the market. The high technological discipline and the excellent taste properties of the products from Philippopolis RC Ltd. are achieved with the skill and professionalism of more than 100 people employed in the production. 80% – with specialized education in the field of milk and its processing.
Philippopolis RK Ltd. is a quality standard in the industry and the new challenge is the first place in it!